Professional Photography

Our signature service. We create stunning photos covering all features of the property, interior and exterior. Typically 25-50 photos. We provide the photos in both MLS resolution and print resolution. Pricing is based on the property square footage. A virtual tour is included free with every photo shoot order.

Property Size Price
0-999 square feet $159
1000-1999 square feet $179
2000-2999 square feet $229
3000-4999 square feet $279
5000-6999 square feet $329
7000-8999 square feet $379
9000+ square feet $429
Twilight 0-2999 square feet $349
Twilight 3000-4999 square feet $399
Twilight 5000-6999 square feet $449
Twilight 7000-8999 square feet $499
Twilight 9000+ square feet $549
Reshoot (return for up to 5 photos, 2 rooms max, daytime only) $99
Drone Aerial Photos (approx. 15-25 photos). San Diego County only at this time. $249

Daytime photo shoots take approximately 30-60 minutes on site, depending on size. Twilight photo shoots begin 30 minutes before sunset and we shoot the exterior photos twice, once before sunset and then again at night for beautiful night photos. Twilight shoots are highly recommended to help premium properties stand out. Example twilight shoot.


All photo shoot orders are made online. Credit card payment is required at time of booking shoot. This reserves a photographer's time for the appointment.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

As long as 1-day notice is given, there is no charge for cancellation or rescheduling. Same-day cancellation or reschedule charge is $50 for daytime and $100 for twilight photo shoots. Our online system makes it easy to reschedule as many times as you need.

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Extra Services

For your convenience, we offer a number of extra services:

3D Tour

An interactive walkthrough tour of the house. Example:
Our 3D Tours are powered by Ricoh Theta Tours technology.
$199 - 0-3999 square feet
$249 - 4000+ square feet

YouTube Video

$12 - We create a video from the virtual tour and upload it to YouTube. Sample:

Raw video file in 1280x720 resolution and unlimited edits included.

Community Photos

$50 - Common area photos, such as pool, clubhouse, gym, playground, etc, approx. 6 photos, 15 min max time including driving.

Domain Name Registration

$29 - Register a custom domain name web address for the virtual tour such as Includes 1 year registration and hosting.

Flyer Design

$49 - Beautiful flyer design featuring your property photos, customized with your property description and branding. Several templates available. Samples:


High resolution PDF (8.5x11", 300 DPI) and unlimited edits included. Printing not included. Sample PDF.

Detail Photos

Highlight the unique aspects of a home with beautiful detail photos. Examples:

$50 - 5 Detail Photos
$100 - 10 Detail Photos
$150 - 25 Detail Photos

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